Friday, September 23, 2016

Cosmates Halloween Photo Contest 2016

Model: Anzujaamu *1

As many of you know, we have restarted our business, but we haven't recovered our sales enough.

Then, we decided to hold a photo contest for Halloween and promote our sales.

Event Name

Cosmates Halloween Photo Contest 2016 *2

Promoter / Judge

Cosmates (Gigantes Limited Partnership) 

Most Excellent Photo Award (1 person)

  • Prize of $200 US Dollars 
  • 10% off Coupon Code for 1 Year *3
  • 5% of Affiliate Code for 1 Year *4

Excellence Photo Award (5 persons)

  • 10% off Coupon Code for 1 Year *3
  • 5% of Affiliate Code for 1 Year *4

Partcipation Award (No Limit)
  • 5% of Affiliate Code for 1 year *4


Not only these awards, the photos of most excellent photo award and excellence awards will be displayed by the slider on the top page of Cosmates, and the link to your blog or social network page will be set on the photo.

We have not set the photo slider, but we will set it after the contest like (this website is our sister store.)

  • The photos suitable for Cosmates (For example, if your photo doesn't make us feel Japan pop culture, it isn't suitable for Cosmates.)  
  • The photos suitable for Halloween (but if your photo is too scary, it isn't suitable for Cosmates.) 
  • The format and size must be JPEG file of 980 pixel x 450 pixel *5
  • The file size must be more than 500 x 500 pixel. *5
  • The file format must be JPEG.
  • You don't have to take new photos. You may use old photos. 
  • You may retouch your photos by software such as photoshop.
  • We may retouch or mix your photo. *5
  • The photos must be not against public order and morals (non-pornography etc.)
  • The photos must not include logo or characters(letters), but you may additionally send the photo which includes them for reference. (we may add your name into your photo later.)
  • You have to make your account on Cosmates and subscribe our newsletter.
  • You have to follow our twitter account "@cosmates".
  • We evaluate photos using our products, but it's not necessarily for you to use our products. Photos are evaluated comprehensively.
  • You have to have a paypal account for receiving of prize.
  • The photos you have gotten permission to use (if some other persons are included in your photos, you have to obtain permission.

Entry Period
  • October 3rd, 2016 at 24:00 (4th at 0:00) in Japanese Time.

    Entry Form

    1. This promotion picture is re-using the contents of the picture we used for Halloween in 2014. The model is AnzujaamuHere is the original picture.
    2. We are now making a new website for Cosmates, and we are planning to hold another contest for the renewal of Cosmates. Please look forward to this event too.   
    3. The coupon code can be used any number of times for 1 year.
    4. The sales though your link will be analyzed by "Google Analytics". We can confirm the sales per affiliate partner and can show you the screen shot of the result, but you can't log in our google analytics account and can't confirm it directly. If you can't trust us, please don't apply to this contest.
    5. These conditions have changed.

    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    6500 New Products Added!!

    *** 6500 New Products Added!! ***

    As you know, we restarted Cosmates on April 26th, 2016.
    After that, we are working on reform in the various sides such as service, line-ups of the goods.
    As a part of that, we decided to use an automatic translation software.
    As the result, we could list a great deal of goods by several times of speed by this.

    We added more than 6500 products this time, but this is only the first step.
    We'll even plan to expand the line-up into at least 50,000 products from now on.

    *** Categories for Figures and Anime Goods Added! ***

    We are basically sellers of costumes, but we began to sell PVC figures and dolls on our store.

    Besides that, we added the category for Anime goods including Manga, Video-Game, Vocaloids, and Idols, etc.

    *** EMS shipping will raise soon! ***

    Japan Post will raise the fee for EMS next month, so we also have to raise the shipping cost for EMS next month.
    If you are going to buy something and select EMS, you should buy it before next month.
    (Tips: The costs for the other shipping methods don't change, but the shipping costs often change in the other currency besides Japanese yen because of change of currency rate.)

    *** Request from Cosmates ***

    Cosmates was emancipated from the restriction which had tied ourselves, And we began to grow again.
    But many customers have left after our store closing, and there are only visitors of less than 1/several now.
    It seem that a lot of customers still don't know Cosmates has restarted.

    If you see a person who thinks Cosmates has ended perfectly, please let him/her know that we are making efforts so that we become a store welcomed for everyone again.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Cosmates Restarts!!

    Today(April 20, 2016) is the 12th anniversary of our website, so we would like to announce an important news today.
    We have decided to restart Cosmates with a new manager. We will open our store again on April 26th, 2016.
    To celebrate our restart and the 12th anniversary, we hold a 12% OFF SALE during the period from Apr 26th to May 1st at 7:00(JST)!

    SSL(cryptographic protocols for safe shopping) is invalid now. It will become valid on 25th. Please wait until that day.

    We are planning to add new products again from next month.
    We have already changed a little, but we think our version is still 1.5. We upgrade our website and organization as soon as possible.

    We are sincerely thankful to all people who gave us the hope and the courage to challenge again.