Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moe-kei Maid Costumes Added

We have added a lot of Moe-kei Maid Costumes.

"Moe-kei" is the newest popular word in Japan, and not only Otaku but also general persons are paying attention to this word.

"Moe" is the Japanese word whom nominalized the verb "Moeru" which means "bud".
That means the mental status of a person who get excited in specific figure, fashion, and behavior, etc. of girl. "Kei" is a meaning of the system in English.

The coffee shop in where waitresses who are wearing "Maid Fuku(Dress)" are working is called "Maid Cafe". Maid Cafe and Maid Fuku are the pronouns of "Moe-kei" now.

To our regret, the katyusyas of the maid costumes added this time are funny a little (too large), but we hope you will buy them together with other normal katyusyas.

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