Thursday, July 13, 2006

We may stop selling Bodyline soon!!

There is a very very sad news for gothic lolita fans.

I received a telephone call from a staff of Bodyline one hour before, and he said "Stop selling our products next week".

The reason is that it is not easy to sell the products to the retailer like us than the normal customers.

Maybe we can't sell the products of Bodyline any longer.

I have requested them to give us a permission to use their photos and buy from them as one customer(resaler), not one retailer. They will reply our request later, but I think they will say "NO".

Even If I can continue to use the photos and resale, the prices become higher than now. If you are going to buy some products of Bodyline, please order as soon as possible.

We have so far built the good relationship with Bodyline, However it has become a thing in the past.

I am truely sorry that I had to inform such important and sad thing suddenly.

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