Saturday, December 02, 2006

10% OFF Xmas Sale Started!

We have started Xmas Sale!
All the products' prices are 10 % OFF!!
This sale will continue till 24:00 December 6th in Japan Time.

And, the company of our server will execute a maintenance in the near day, so we have to close our store for a while. The maintenance is scheduled to be executed since 21:00 December 8th till 24:00 December 9th in Japan Time.
(As for the local time in Japan, please check this site. )

Our site will not be displayed during the maintenance. Of course, you can not buy anything. If you are going to buy something, I recommend you to buy during the Xmas sale before the maintenance.
The maintenance has been cancelled.

And, if you would like to receive products before Xmas, I recommend you to select Super EMS as the shipping method. As for the detail, please read this page.

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