Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our Plans in 2007

News #1 -- New Products Added --
We have added new products for gothic lolita and punk fashion.We didn't basic items almost this time, but we added many accessories.

News #2 -- Our Plans in 2007 --
In the middle of last year, we announced that we were planning to add new brands of gothic lolita, but we couldn't realize it in the last year after all.We are going to realize this plan absolutely this year.

However, this plan will be realized after the middle of the month this year.
And, we are planning to add more products of Anime and Games.This plan will be realized in the end of this year.

We are pressed with jobs of accounting and tax now. Moreover, the development of the management system of products and orders has taken much time. Therefore, these plan have been delayed.

Please wait for realization of these plan patiently.

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