Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back with many new products!

You have probably been wondering why it has been so long since we last added new products to our store.
Three months ago, our office moved to a new location. Because of this we have been very busy and unable to add any new products.

Mini Rabbit Bag BlackWizard's Black Cat UniformRose Print Skirt White and Red
Heart Dots Tiered One-PieceLolita Check Pattern Yukata RedFairy Tale Lolita Dress Black
But now we have finally lined up lots of new Gothic Lolita products for you.
We are bringing no less than 140 brand new additions to our store!

In this latest update, we have added products from lots of different categories.
As well as the usual update of dresses, blouses and skirts, we have also provided several other kinds of products, such as headdresses and bags.
With so many categories to choose from, you are definitely sure to find something you like among the new products!

To check out the new products, just click the link below.

*Concerning AX2007*

A little while ago we informed our customers that we may be participating in the anime convention AX2007 in California, but, regrettably, we were unable to participate this time.

This is because we were not able to work things out with the resident California exhibitor. It is rather difficult for Japanese citizens to participate as exhibitors, but despite this we think we would like to try again for next time.

By the way--Masa, a friend of the owner of our site, participated in AX2007 on his own. So, if you happened to see a Japanese man who was wearing yukata, it might have been him. *laugh*

We hope for your continuing business!

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