Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Sale Started!

Christmas is getting closer and closer!
This time, we've added 100 or more new gothic and lolita outfits and other products!

Lovely Santa -Nancy-Lovely Santa -Elizabeth-Lovely Santa -Julia-
Lovely Santa -Sally-Lovely Santa -Susan-Lovely Santa -Laura-

In addition, we've simultaneously started a Christmas sale with discounts of up to 20%!
Bodyline products ares 20% off. Except for those made by Love Laugh, all of the products made by all the other manufacturers and publishers are 10% off. (This time, there's no discount for Love Laugh products.)

Bodyline's 20% discount is the highest it's been in the recent past. It's been a while since they've had such a good discount, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Because our company stocks our products after the customer has ordered them, it takes a while for them to arrive.
Therefore, if you want to receive your order before Christmas, we recommend that you place your order now.
Also, please select "EMS" as the shipping method, and "PayPal" or "Credit Card" as the payment method.

The sale will continue till December 12th at 24:00 (Japanese time).

Current time in Japan

*** Sad News ***
We have sad news for our gothic and lolita fans.
As we promised everyone, we recently tried to negotiate wholesale deals with several major makers of gothic and lolita.
However, they all rejected our business dealings.

The reason for this isn't certain, but we assume that it's because they have no interest in selling their products in foreign countries.
Although this fact is regrettable, we're scheduled to negotiate with other minor manufacturers next year.
At first, we thought of Bodyline as just a nameless manufacturer.
But we would like to keep growing with other manufacturers the same way we and Bodyline are growing together.

*** Notice ***
Within the year, we are scheduled to add large quantities of a certain new manufacturer's products.
Perhaps we will be able to add them in time for the Christmas sale.
As for what those products's a secret! Please enjoy!

We hope for everyone's continuing support in the future.

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