Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Brands of Costumes Added!

We've added two new costume brands: "Good Luck" and "Emily".
These brands are made by the Clearstone company; the former is mainly a costume uniform brand and the latter is a maid clothes brand.

Candy Sailor LightBlueJapanese Schoolboy Uniform Set Size LJapanese Schoolgirl Set Ivory Blouse and Vest Size M
Alice in Wonderland Size MShort Sleeved Sailor White Size MSchool Sports-Wear Navy Blue Size XL

These new brands will feature several variations.
Many products will come in sizes S through XL, so these larger products will fit our European and American customers who are larger than Japanese.

Also, we've made arrangements to sell many other unique costume items such as gakuran (male student uniforms), aprons and hair accessories for maids, and cosplay wigs.

We have received lots of requests from lots of different customers for larger sizes.
Now, we're glad that we're finally able to answer everyone's requests.

*** More Good News ***
Last time we announced that we were giving up on adding new gothic lolita brands.
But this time we're withdrawing that announcement.

We've thought out a new method to lawfully sell products without a contract with the manufacturers.
According to this new method, we're able to sell products from every brand and every manufacturer.
In addition, the customer can choose and purchase products while viewing similar products, photographs and product descriptions by using the shopping cart.

However, because this method doesn't stock items at wholesale trade value, the price won't be lowered very often.
But this will probably come as good news for fans of other brands.

This plan is scheduled to begin in a month or two, so please enjoy. =)

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