Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bye Bye Summer Sale Started!

This time, we've started a sale with discounts of up to 25%!
This sale is applied to the Bodyline products only.
The rate for new products which we have added recently is 15% off, but the rate for old products is 25% off.

Bodyline's 25% discount is the highest rate in the recent past.
Please remember that we reduced the prices permanently half a year ago.
The discount rate in that time was 20% off, so if you compare the present prices with the prices half a year ago, The discount rate will be 45%.

The sale will continue till September 8th at 24:00 (Japanese time).
Current time in Japan

Please take advantage of this opportunity.

The prices have been discounted, so the displayed prices don't chnage after you ordered.
The prices of some new products have not been discounted. If you aren't satisfied with the price, don't order it.

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