Thursday, April 09, 2009

Price Modification & Addition of Shoes

Now winter is gradually slipping by. Is everyone doing well?
This time around, we took a second look at the prices of Bodyline, our site's main brand.
In truth, we already took 10% off of these prices after the Xmas sale; but with the latest price modification, we have taken a further average of 13% off (making it a total of 23% off).
The price of socks and similar low price products, especially, has been greatly reduced.
(However, please note that some products are more expensive than before.)
Also, we have cut the prices of Lovelaugh, a costume maker by 10% in other day.

There is more news.
We have recently added 27 kinds of gothic lolita fashion shoes.
Formerly, we only offered two sizes for shoes. But now we offer many more sizes, from 22.5cm to 27cm
At the time of purchase, please select your desired size from the recently installed "shoe size" drop-down menu underneath "Available Options" before hitting the "In Cart" button.
(Almost all large sizes are already sold out, but we will list them as soon as they are reproduced.)

We have one final announcement.
At the moment, we are preparing for the addition of a new gothic lolita brand.
We will most likely be able to announce the new product (besides Bodyline) in spring.

Please enjoy!

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