Monday, July 20, 2009

New Products Added & JPPP Revived!

Recently we've added a lot of new products!

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The brands we have added this time are Bodyline, Bewith, and Clearstone.
You will find something you like from our new products.

And we have another news.
In the past, we had provided a convenient service that was called JPPP(Japanese Products Proxy Purchase).

In this service, you could purchase the products which were sold on a website that was based in Japan, instead of trying to purchase products by yourself.

But this service had been interrupted because it was complex a little and there were some problems to be offered in

Now, JPPP revived as a new website named "" independently of "".

If there are products which you want outside of, please go to and order it!

We're eagerly awaiting everyone's orders!

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