Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Halloween 15%-Off Shipping Campaign

Fall is deepening, and moment by moment Halloween draws closer. How is everyone doing?
This time we have a lot of news.

APH Hetalia Belarus's CostumeMacross Frontier Ranka Lee's Idol CostumeZAFT's Military UniformMacross Frontier Mihoshi School Ranka's Uniform
Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome's Costume Opening VersionTieria Erde's UniformSaki's Schoolgirl UniformCode Geass R2 Anya Alstreim's Costume

(These anime costumes are made-to-order products. Please do not expect to receive these in time for Halloween.)

First, we would like to inform you about our 15% off shipping campaign.
Starting on October 6, the EMS shipping option will be discounted by 15% till 15th.
(To see what the current time is in Japan, please visit the following website: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=248)

For those of you who have been hesitating to make a purchase because shipping is expensive, please take this opportunity to make your purchase!

The next piece of news is that we have added new anime costume products.
This time we have added 45 items all at once.
Current time in Japan

Regrettably, the maximum production time required for these anime costumes is 4 weeks, so trying to order one in time for Halloween is risky. However, there is sufficient time to order for an end-of-year anime event.

But by all means, please enjoy cosplay using costumes from our store!

The third piece of news is that we have once again added products from Body Line and Clearstone, in large quantities.
As many as 358 products!

Lately we have increased our feature of items from new genres, such as color contact lens, false eyelashes and the like.
Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to add new gothic lolita products and wigs as we had planned to do.

We think we will have something makeshift in time for Christmas, so please wait patiently.

Furthermore, because after the financial crisis we greatly reduced the prices of our store, and also because of the sudden increase in the value of the yen, this time we will not be doing a Halloween sale.

We apologize to those who were waiting for the sale, but please understand.

As for those who wish to receive their products before Halloween, please be sure to verify the "Availability (Stock Time)" written on each product page before making your purchase. In addition, please be sure to order in sufficient time for it to be delivered.
(We cannot 100% guarantee that your product will be shipped on time.)

In particular, Make-To-Order products from Fanplusfriend and Love Laugh require a maximum of 4 weeks to be made, so please do not expect to receive these in time for Halloween.

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