Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Brand JOYBANK Added!

This time around, we would like to inform you about a new brand we have added.


The new brand we have added is the Japanese manufacturer, JOYBANK.
This manufacturer's specialties are such items as high school uniforms and maid costumes. However, they also handle a great variety of other products such as portions of gothic lolita dresses, panniers, socks and similar small products; wigs and accessories; and general casual-wear.

Because of the abundance of different sizes and colors, as well as the good quality products for reasonable prices, we are certain you will be satisfied.

Unfortunately, these past two weeks, our system was unstable. Because of the emergency maintenance you probably found that you were unable to access the shopping cart often.
We're sorry for any trouble this has caused while the sale was going on.

Also, for now, sales of products made by Fanplusfriend have been temporarily discontinued.
The manufacturer will be taking an extended break, and for a period of time will not be able to make and ship

Plans have been made to reopen sales in mid-February.
We're sorry if this causes any trouble for fans of Fanplusfriend, but please be patient a while longer!

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