Monday, April 19, 2010

Apology for Recent System Trouble

Dear Customers,

Recently, it seems that we have been having frequent troubles with our site. We are sure the disappearance of portions of data from the site has caused trouble for some people, and for this we are very sorry.

The latest trouble with the system is most likely being caused by one of the factors listed below.

1) The sudden increase in the number of products
2) An increase in the number of users accessing the site
3) The server having insufficient memory
4) A problem in the system design
5) Insufficiency of the site admin to properly manage the site

...Or a number of other reasons.

In a word, it was because the system design, admin's abilities and server specs were not keeping up with the enlargement of the site.

We have already remedied most of the problems; but we aim for perfection, and in order to achieve perfection we are planning to move to a new server.
(We will be sure to notify you when we are moving the server.)
Also, in order to avoid serious problems in the future, we will schedule routine maintenance.
We do not think this maintenance will take a very long time, but we ask for everyone's understanding and cooperation.


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