Monday, April 19, 2010

Massive Addition of Anime Costumes!

In Japan the cherry blossoms are blooming. Just when we think that spring has come at last, winter continues with even more cold days.
In such times spirits tend to sink, but in the world of the internet the weather has no such affect.
This would be a wonderful chance to do something positive like online shopping, don't you think?

This time, we have lots of news!

First Announcement: Massive Addition of Anime Costumes

Rozen Maiden Cosplay Suiseiseki Fine Velveteen n Cotton Outfit (C00142)Utawarerumono Cosplay, Aruru Kimono Outfit*4pcs(C00145)Utawarerumono Cosplay, Eruru Kimono Outfit*4pcs(C00146)
Lucky Star Cosplay, Japan School Uniform Set*Summber (C00128)ARIA The SERIES Cosplay Costume,Uniform Set (C00117)Chrno Crusade,Rosette Cosplay Costume

As we mentioned we would the other day, we have added a massive amount of anime costumes. There are over 177 new kinds!

We have sold anime costumes before, but the high prices have always been a problem.

However, the products we are adding this time are made by a Chinese manufacturer, so they are considerably cheaper.

When compared with other costumes of the same character, these are more than 30% cheaper!

A maximum of 5 weeks is needed to make these costumes; so if you need a costume for a summer anime convention and can afford to buy it now, you should make your purchase as soon as possible to allow for enough time.

You'll be able to bask in everyone's attention as you become your favorite character for a convention!

Second Announcement: New Bewith & Clearstone Products Added


Bewith and Clearstone, familiar brands and makers of high school girls' uniforms and maid costumes, have made new releases.

This time, Clearstone has announced plans to release a brand called Teens Ever, which will feature extremely realistic high school girls' uniforms.

The blouses and skirts will be sold separately, so you can adjust the size of each according to what suits your body type.

The prices are expected to be high, since they would be just like the real thing. If you were strolling through the center of Shibuya, you would not be at all embarrassed to wear them.

Third Announcement: Hello Kitty Goods Added


We have begun selling products of Hello Kitty, the Japanese character who is loved by girls all over the world!

For now we are mainly just selling wallets, bags, cases and similar products, but if we receive favorable feedback we will schedule an increase in this type of product.

Gothic lolita fashion seems to fit these adorable designs; some may not see just how stylish Hello Kitty products can be, but fans of Hello Kitty should not overlook these excellent products!

Fourth Announcement: Number of Registered Users Reaches 20,000!

The number of registered users on our site has finally reached 20,000! In the future we hope to become a site which even more people will love.
By all means, please continue to do business with Cosmates!

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