Saturday, July 10, 2010

1000 New Products Added!!

Today we would like to inform you about some new products.
It's been a long wait, but we've finally added new gothic and lolita products!
We've added over 500 new products from Body Line, a brand that almost everyone is familiar with.


Also, we've added large amounts of products from a new manufacturer called Angelina.
The designs of these products generally feature crosses and other similar motifs that have become popular within gothloli fashion.
We've added over 500 new products from this brand, as well. Furthermore, we have future plans to bring the total amount of products from this manufacturer up to 2000 or more.


In the whole world, there isn't a single comparable site that sells this many gothic lolita accessories!
If you haven’t found anything yet on Cosmates that suits you up until now, don't give up!

From now on, Cosmates will continue to put effort into adding even more new gothloli products.

First of all we will be adding new products from Fanplusfriend, and after that, in turn, we plan to add even more new brands.

Please continue to support the future Cosmates!

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