Saturday, July 24, 2010

Special Promotion: Money-back guarantee started!!

Today, we have some big news!
Until now, our store has not accepted items that are returned because they are the wrong size.
But now we have decided that, for a limited time, we will accept all returned items!

This special promotion will apply to the products ordered from 24:00 of July 24th untill 24:00 August 8th (based on Japanese Time)
If this promotion proves to be popular, we may extend the time period.

To all of you who have been hesitating because you wonder, "What will I do if it doesn't fit me?"...
By all means, please take advantage of this opportunity!

If you are returning the products, please send the products back to our store within a week after its arrival, having it arrive at our store within three weeks.

Any reason for wanting to return your item is acceptable.

However, please note that we can only refund up to ¥5,000 per order.
If you think you might need to return anything, please make sure to keep the price below ¥5,000.
(If the price exceeds ¥5,000, the former rerurn policy will be applied.)

In addition, we will pay ¥1,000 only as the shipping cost for the returned products.
(We will add ¥1,000 to the refund)

If a part of products you ordered are rerurned, we will calculate the shipping cost as though you had not ordered those products, and refund the difference in shipping cost plus the amout of the product.
(up to ¥5,000 + the difference in shipping cost + ¥1,000)

If all of the products are returned, the full amount will be refunded.
(up to ¥5,000 + the shipping cost + ¥1,000)

The customs duty you paid is not refunded in every situation.

Details can be viewed on the page below.

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