Friday, August 20, 2010

Addition of new payment methods!

This time we would like to announce a way we are improving our service.
This store will now accept several other forms of payment besides just credit cards and Paypal!

The three new methods are: International Postal Money Order (IPMO), cash, and International Bank Transfer.

IPMO are money orders issued by the post office. If and how they are issued varies depending on which country you live in, but since we do business with 80 different countries perhaps your country issues them, as well.

In the United States you have to send IPMO through the mail, but in some other countries you can make transfers to our store's postal account directly through the post office.

Cash means literally just cash. But please only send cash in the form of paper money and by means of registered mail.

With an International Bank Transfer, you can deposit money into our bank account directly via your bank.

So now even if you don't have a credit card or a Paypal accounts, you can still shop at our store!

If you have friends who do not have credit cards or Paypal accounts, please let them know about this.

However, there are several important points and warnings to keep in mind when using these payment methods.
Please read the details on the page below, and feel free to use these methods once you understand the specifics.

You can see the details on the page below.

We hope to make even more improvements in service in the future, as well.

If you have a request, you can easily communicate it to us.

But please note that although an American translates these newsletters, it is native Japanese who work in customer support. So please be as brief as possible when you send a request.

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