Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cheaper Shipping Method Added!!

Today, we would like to inform you about a new and improved service.
We are now offering a cheaper shipping method called "SAL Small Packet".

To give an example, if you place an order from the United States for an item that weighs 500 grams, shipping via EMS would cost $18 and Airmail Small Packet would cost $9, but SAL Small Packet would cost a mere $6! (That's only 1/3 the cost of EMS!)

When you talk about $6 shipping, that's just about as cheap as if you were ordering something from somewhere within your own country!

SAL is very reasonably priced, but it does have some limitations.

First of all, the delivery will take a long time.
At best, SAL will take about 2 weeks to arrive; but during the Christmas season and for other holidays and the like, you should allow at least 3 weeks.

When buying products for birthdays, parties, conventions, or other special events, you should not choose this shipping method.
If you do choose to use this shipping method for a special event, please make sure to order ahead of time and allow absolutely no less than 1 month for shipping.

Secondly, you will not be able to track your package.
Just like EMS, it is not possible to verify the delivery status of the package online.

Also, insurance will not be available.
Package tracking is not possible with SAL, so if the package is lost or stolen the customer has no way to prove that it did not arrive.
If we compensate for losses that cannot be proven, there is a possibility that we may be cheated by less-than-honest customers.
Therefore, we are not able to offer insurance for this delivery method.

Because we do not offer insurance, please do not choose this delivery method if you are uncomfortable taking such a risk.

Furthermore, the package must weigh 1 kilogram or less.
If the package weighs more than 1 kilogram, please either choose EMS or separate your order into parts.

To digress somewhat, large orders are rarely placed all at once.
At first glance it might seem like this way is cheaper, but larger packages need to be inspected by Customs, and therefore there is a risk that a customs tax will be imposed.

If the Customs in your country has a harsh customs tax policy, it might be wise to get around it by dividing up your order.

You can see the details on the page linked below.

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