Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween sale begins & EMS discount!!

Here in Japan the weather has suddenly become very cool, and everyone has begun wearing long-sleeved clothing all at once. It's finally Fall!

When you mention Fall, Halloween comes to mind... and speaking of which, our usual Halloween sale is beginning!
This time all products are 10% off! What's more, we have discounted EMS shipping by 10% as well!

The EMS discount lasts until the end of the month and the Halloween sale lasts until October 11. Since it's ending sooner than previous years, act quickly!
(There will not be an extension.)

During this sale, all Fanplusfriend products will be removed from the sale list.
This is because the manufacturer is expected to take a rather long break.
After the sale is over we will resume selling their products. So fans of Fanplusfriend, please wait just a little longer!

Also, although it is not for Halloween, we have recently added a lot of new casual wear to our store.

As of yet there is not much in the way of Fall clothing, but we will steadily continue to add new products that are appropriate for the season in the future. We hope you will enjoy them!

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