Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Sale Started!!

This time, we at Cosmates are introducing our greatest sale!

All of our goods(except accessories) are at least 10% off, and some are discounted as much as 70%!


Normal products are 10% off, but the products in the "Bargain Article" category have been discounted anywhere from 20-70%.

*Bargain Article*

There are 105 products listed in the "Bargain Article" category. This is more than any other year before!

All items will be 10% off until December 13th at 24:00 (Japanese time), but the "Bargain Article" products will continue to be discounted after xmas sale.
However, there is basically only one of each "Bargain Article" product in stock.
If someone buys it it's gone for good, so if you find a product you like you should move quickly!

Additionally, for this sale we've added products from a new manufacturer called "m.i.a. costume".

*m.i.a. costume*

This manufacturer is famous for managing a maid café in Akihabara called "mia cafe".
Besides maid outfits, high school girls' uniforms and anime costumes, they also make many other kinds of costumes.
If you dressed yourself in genuine maid clothing, wouldn't you feel like a real maid, too?

Simultaneously, we've also added many new products from Clearstone.
Clearstone's Santa costumes are the main feature, but this year all the companies are putting forth the effort to make Santa Claus costumes.


*Santa Claus*

With these Santa costumes you are sure to have a fun, hot Christmas.

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