Monday, January 24, 2011

New manufacturer "Studio A&T" added!

Although it's late, happy New Year!
These past few years have been overshadowed by the recession, but let's keep on hoping that this year will be bright and happy!

This time around, we've added a new manufacturer called "Studio A&T".


This manufacturer is affiliated with Bewith so the kind of products they offer are very similar, but they do offer some unique products.
We definitely recommend the JK-style cardigan!!

M (medium) size

L (large) size

Japanese high school girls wear these cardigans as part of their uniforms, over their shirts or sailor fuku-style uniforms.
Although this fashion has been popular for around a decade, for some reason manufactures have been reluctant to make these cardigans, which is why our store has not been able to sell them until now.
(Although for a time, cardigans made by Clearstone were being sold...)

However, since these manufacturers have begun to sell them, we are finally able to make them available in our shop.
Because this item is in such high demand, they are expected to sell out.
So if you have been looking for this kind of cardigan, we recommend that you buy it now.

By the way, "JK" are the latest slang terms in Japan for "Jyoshi Kousei(female high school students)".

Although in the pictures the models are wearing white knee-high socks, usually this style is worn with navy blue knee-high socks.
Also, the models have their hair dyed brown, but nowadays JK are not dying their hair. In other words, "kuro-kami (black hair)" is the most popular look.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not seem to really understand the current trends, but we will try our best to keep you up to date with the latest fashions.

In other news, we've also added more gothic lolita products!


We are sorry we have not had much opportunity to do this yet, but this year we think we will be able to increase the number of manufacturers for not only uniform costumes, but gothic lolita costumes as well.
Please do business with our store again this year!

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