Saturday, March 12, 2011

New brand Spica added!

Did you know that it's said that one in every four Japanese people has a cedar pollen allergy?
This spring is supposed to have ten times as much cedar pollen in the air as last spring, so it seems like it's going to be a tough season for people with cedar pollen allergies.

But this time we have big news that will blow even the pollen away!

This time, we are launching sales of bags, hats, and other gothloli goods made by the famous Spica company, which we are now officially affiliated with!


Spica and Spica's selection

Original Site

As many of you may know, they are often featured in famous magazines like Gothic & Lolita Bible and KERA.

Spica has had 10 years of experience since it was established in 2001, and the quality of their goods and accessories is unparalleled.
Because each item is made-to-order and completely unique shipments will take longer, but they are extremely high-quality Japanese-made products.
Other major manufacturers have gone to great lengths to be able to buy and sell products from Spica.

Even better, Spica buys and sells products from more than 60 brands and manufacturers.
Through Spica, we have received permission to sell these products, too.

So in other words, you can buy products from more than 60 brands and manufacturers directly through Cosmates!!

There is no other shopping site like this in the whole world!

Unfortunately this does not include the less well-known brands, but if we continue our sales perhaps we will grow as a brand.

In 2003 we started selling Bodyline internationally through eBay, and Cosmates became known throughout the world.
If we continue to deal with Spica and other brands in the future, it won't be surprising if we become world-famous ourselves!

The products listed this time are only one portion of what's available. If they are popular, we have plans to add hundreds more products in the future.

You are certain to find products you love from Spica and Spica's selection, so please take a look. Maybe one day you will be able to boast to your friends, "I have something of theirs from before they became a major brand!"

There was a big earthquake in Japan on March 11. But our damage is almost nothing.
We can do our business normally, so please don't worry.

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