Sunday, April 03, 2011

Effects of the Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Accidents

Our sincerest apologies for the recent long break we had to take. We are very grateful for all of the emails of sympathy and encouragement we received.

As you know, because of the major earthquake and resulting tsunami that occurred off of Miyagi Prefecture and the recent nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima, the situation in Japan (especially Eastern Japan) has become very serious.

However, our office is located in Tokyo, which is more than 300km (about 185 miles) away from Miyagi Prefecture, so the earthquake caused us very little damage.

Even though the Fukushima nuclear plant is located more than 200km (about 125 miles) away, and the level of radioactive material that was dispersed is very low and does not pose an danger to health, there was a lot of uncertainty.

By way of precaution, we temporarily stopped sales and distribution for the week of the 15th through the 22nd in order to ensure the safety of our employees.

Since our company does not have any deals with manufacturers in the Tohoku region, the earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear power plant accidents have not had a direct effect on our business.

Also, many of our products are produced in China, so it is highly unlikely that the dispersion of radioactive material would pose any kind of safety hazard.

As another precaution, the following is a list of the locations of the distribution centers and production centers of our leading manufacturers. The distribution locations are on the left, and the production locations are on the right.

Chiba, Japan --- China

Chiba, Japan --- China

Chiba, Japan --- China

Studio A&T
Chiba, Japan --- China

China --- China

Saitama, Japan --- Japan

Okayaka, Japan --- China

Love Laugh
Kyoto, Japan --- Japan

**** About Buyer Protection ****

Are you aware of Paypal Buyer Protection?
With Paypal Buyer Protection, you are guaranteed to get your money back even if an item you purchase does not arrive or you have some other kind of trouble with the seller.

So even if something you buy does not arrive because the company you purchase it from is affected by a large earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant accident, or some other major disaster, if you paid using Paypal, they will reimburse the costs of any monetary damage you may receive. Many credit card companies offer the same protection, as well.

So in other words, as long as you pay by credit card or Paypal, you can shop with complete confidence.

Japan is a country of many natural disasters, but as long as you pay using Paypal or credit card, shopping on Japanese websites is completely safe.

Japan's economy is in very serious trouble right now.

Please help Japan by buying Japanese products!

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