Saturday, June 25, 2011

New products added and socks being stocked

This time, we've added almost 200 new products!

These are just a few of the recommended products.

Striped Balloon Bears Dress L367

When it's summertime, this kind of refreshingly cool dress is the best!
It has satin ribbon and heart-shaped buttons on the front, ribbon decorated with pearls at the waist, and an absolutely lovely and sweet design!
The back panel is made with shirring, and when you tie the ribbon in back you can see a line of teddy bears!

Magical Cosmetics Dress L371

This dress is printed with lipstick, perfume, and other kinds of cosmetics.
The back features a removable fastener. Flowery lace lines the collar, and the body is decorated with stripes and little flowers.

Portable parasol with attached teddy bear bag


With its storage bag in the shape of a teddy bear, this umbrella is wonderfully cute and unique.
This would definitely make your friends jealous!

We have added even more products for the summer, so please check!

*Now Keeping Socks in Stock*

We have heard it mentioned that one of the major weaknesses of our store is that since many of our products aren't in stock, it takes too long for the items to be stocked and shipped after they are ordered.

So, in order to solve this problem, almost all socks by Fanplusfriend have been stocked in advance for now.

Products that have already been stocked are marked by the stock number like s-xxxxxx.
The keywords "In Stock" will appear in the title of these products, so you can easily find them when you are browsing.

We would like to increase our stock a little at a time, starting with these socks.

We plan to begin stocking products from all socks manufacturers first, so keep this in mind if you have the chance to purchase socks.

*Concerning Donations*

Sorry for the late update, but we just recently donated everyone's contributions to the Japanese Red Cross.

We had said that we would donate 20% of all profits during the sale period; but because our store's actual profits are only about 25% of the money that comes into the store, and because immediately after the earthquake many people were hesitant to buy from Japan, this didn't end up being a very large amount.

So, with some extra from our shop, we were able to donate a total of 50,000 yen (approximately $625 USD).

The "profits" mentioned above are, more accurately, the "gross profits". Most of the profits are lost due to labor costs and various other expenses.
We hope you understand that this is the very greatest amount that our shop was able to donate.

Incidentally, the Red Cross has yet to issue us a certificate for our donation, but as soon as they do we will announce it on our blog.

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