Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Urgent SALE Started!!

We have started the Halloween Urgent SALE!
The prices of all the products have been discounted 10%!! (*)

 NOTE: *Except the products made by Fanplusfriend. Since the prices have been already discounted, there will be no further discount at the time of purchase.

This sale will continue end Oct 18th at 06:00 AM (Japanese time).
The sale will end soon.

 If you order something (*) by the end of this sale, we will stock them by the next FridayThursday (21th Japanese time) your order will be shipped out by the next Saturday (22th Japanese time).
NOTE: *Except the products of the makers: Fanplusfriend, Spica and Love Laugh.

To see what the current time is in Japan, please see the top page of our site.

If you want to receive the products soon, never forget to select EMS please.