Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas sale began!

It's only one month until Christmas!
Because of the worsening situation of the world economy we've had several years of gloomy financial news, but perhaps the holiday season is just what we need to brighten our spirits!

So once again, it's time for Cosmates to begin its annual Christmas sale! Everything in the store is anywhere from 10-90% off!
Regular items are 10% off, but items in the "Bargain Article" category are 20-90% off.

*Bargain Article*

These items are all already in stock, so they can be shipped out very quickly. We definitely recommend them if you're in a hurry to get your items!

All regular items are 10% off until December 11 at 24:00 (midnight) by Japanese Standard Time, but Bargain Article items will remain on sale after this date.
However, there is only one for almost all the Bargain Article items.

It will be gone in an instant if someone else decides to buy it, so if you see something you like you should hurry and grab it!
In honor of the Christmas sale, we have already added nearly 800 different new items.





*mia costume*

This brings our total number of items up to more than 6000, making our product count one of the world's largest! If you're having trouble finding an item, look no further than our search feature and you're sure to find your very favorite products!


Last but not least, if you absolutely need your items to be delivered in time for Christmas please be SURE to select "EMS" as the shipping method. With other delivery methods there's a risk that they won't arrive on time, so please be careful!