Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Registered Mail is now available!

This time we would like to announce that Cosmates now supports a new delivery method: International Registered Mail!

With International Registered Mail a barcode is created for each package, so in the unlikely event that a package is lost we can investigate what happened to it.
(*Internet tracking is not available in some countries. Our staff can request an investigation via the Japanese Postal Service.)

Also, since our store automatically insures each of these purchases, if the results of an investigation confirm that your package has indeed been lost, you will receive a full refund.

What were called "Airmail Small Packet" and "SAL Small Packet" are the same as before; but now we also have the two new types of International Registered Mail, which are "Registered Airmail" and "Registered SAL".

So because of these new additions, "Airmail Small Packet" and "SAL Small Packet" will now be called "Non-Registered Airmail" and "Non-Registered SAL" instead.

Please see the following pages:

It's unfortunate to have to say, but some customers select a shipping method that does not come with insurance and then their package is lost, it's rather unfair to try to ask for a refund.

Asking for a refund when you didn't get insurance is like demanding to be compensated after being in a car crash even though you haven't paid a single dollar towards car insurance first.

There's only a small 200 yen (about $2.60) difference in cost between Registered Mail and Regular Mail.

Because of the current recession there has been an increase in thieves(*) worldwide, so if you want to make sure you will receive a refund if your package is lost, please be sure to select EMS or Registered Mail.
(*We think this also includes the kind of thieves who purposefully try to receive compensation even though they don't have insurance.)

We hope to be able to continue gradually improving our service, so we greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation and understanding.