Tuesday, July 31, 2012

About 300 new products added!!

We've added about 300 new products from the 4 makers:

* JoyBank * Casual Wear, Swimsuits, Bags, Accessories etc.

Maid Dress Pinafore Apron 04000266Lingerie 05000786One-Piece 04000263Gothic Lolita Pannier 09000308Gothic Lolita Blouse 01000591
Lingerie 07000155Casual Pants AB07074Two-Piece 01000574Lingerie 07000162Maid Dress Pinafore Apron 01000593

* FanPlusFriend (F+F)* GothLoli Dresses etc.
+Gothic Lolita+ Aristocrat Visual Kei Rococo Black Outfit*3pcs+Gothic Lolita+ Shui Mo Qi Wash Painting Rose Dress Set*5pcs+Gothic Lolita+ Rosy Letter: Classical High Waist Skirt & Hairdress/Brooch Set+Gothic Lolita+ Sunny Day Wa Kimono/Yukada 5pcs Set*Khaki&Red&Black+Gothic Lolita+ Wa Lolita,Serene Hydrangea Blossom Dark Blue Kimono/Yukata Set*5pcs
+Gothic Lolita+ Heian Noble Literator, Wa Fete Hime Kimono*7pcs+Gothic Lolita+ Victorian Chemise Square Neckline 6/10 Length Sleeves Dress/OP*Knee Length 3colors+Gothic Lolita+ Country Wonderland DayDream Gauze Cover Corset Bodic&Skirt Set*4color+Gothic Lolita+ Frilly Lace Fabric & Dotted Mesh Blouse*2colors+Gothic Lolita+ Country Wonderland DayDream Gauze Cover Corset Bodic&Skirt Set*Ankle Length,4color

* BodyLine *Cosplay Wigs, School Skirts etc.
Gothic Lolita wig115Gothic Lolita Drawers pan054Gothic Lolita Jumper Skirt L495Punk/Rock Coat P220Gothic Lolita Wig w063
Gothic Lolita Wig w064costume572Gothic Lolita Headdress acc959Gothic Lolita Skirt L498Gothic Lolita Jumper Skirt L365

* Clearstone * Maid Dresses, School Skirts etc.
Maid Dress Waist Apron cosmates0009078cosmates0009043Maid Dress Waist Apron cosmates0009079Anime/Manga/Game Emil Chronicle Online cosmates0009068Maid Dress Others cosmates0009077
Maid Dress Waist Apron cosmates0009076cosmates0009053Maid Dress Pinafore Apron cosmates0009075Anime/Manga/Game Emil Chronicle Online cosmates0009067Maid Dress Pinafore Apron cosmates0009069
And, we have added some stocked-products from JoyBank, FanPlusFriend and BodyLine.
http://www.cosmates.jp/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=*In Stock*

Especially several weeks or more were required to stock the FanPlusFriend's products till now, so we think this is a big benefit for our customers.

We will expand the stocked products from now on.
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