Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween SALE & New Service Started!

We have many news this time!
-- News 1 --
We have added about 1000 new products from Spica, Joybank, Clearston and Bodyline.


We strengthened expansion of accessories especially this time.
The scale of this addition is biggest in the history of our store.

-- News 2 --
We have started the Halloween sale.
The discount rate is 10%!! (except some products)
This sale will continue end Oct 16th at 06:00 AM in Japanese time.
To see what the current time is in Japan, please see the digital crock on the top of our webisite.

-- News 3 --
We have started the new service: Express Ticket.
If you buy this ticket with the products, you can shorten the stocking time by 7 days at the maximum.
We usually order the products to the makers Monday to Tuesday in Japanese time per 1 week.
Therefore, if you order something just after that, the stocking time is getting longer.
This ticket will conquer that weak point.
As for the detail, please read the following page.

-- News 4 --
The categories of accessories and punk/rock items were dissociated and subdivided.
Although some products are still intermingled, it is easier to look for goods than before. 

We will step up efforts to expand of goods, and improve our service.
Please continue to support Cosmates!