Monday, March 18, 2013

Adding new brand, ADO OSAKA!

It's been a long time since we posted the last news. How have you all been doing?
In Japan, "Haru Ichiban" is the name of the first storm of spring, which brings extremely fierce winds every year.
A few days ago we felt those strong winds blowing, so spring has at last come to Japan!
The lengthy recession is coming to an end as well, so smiles are returning to the faces of passersby in the streets.
At last our store has lots of good news, as well, so please read on! (^ _ ^)

* News 1  Adding new brand, ADO OSAKA!
We've begun selling costumes from a new brand, ADO OSAKA, makers of high school girls' uniforms!


This brand actually produces and delivers genuine high school uniforms from their factory, so the quality of these products is the same as the real thing!
They are fairly expensive since they are of the highest possible quality, but they take pride in offering the very lowest prices for this grade of products.
A full range of sizes is offered, so with so many to choose from you're sure to be able to find a uniform that will fit your body type perfectly.
(It is also possible to make a completely custom order.)
In addition, they also produce many replicas from famous schools.
Having cheaper, poorer quality costumes isn't something to boast about anymore.
Wouldn't you like to outshine your friends by wearing a uniform that's as real as the genuine article?

* News 2  Prices reduced due to depreciation of the yen!
Our prices will vary depending on the latest exchange rates.
Currently the value of the yen is very low; compared to the dollar-to-yen exchange rate from six months ago, it has depreciated by 17%.
So compared to our prices from six months ago, it's like every day is a 17% off sale!

In the future it is possible that the yen will depreciate further, but there's also a chance that it may appreciate.
For sure, now is the time to make your purchases!

*News 3  Prices cut for Non-Registered Mail!
The fees for Non-Registered Airmail and Non-Registered SAL have been reduced by 200 yen (about 2 dollars).

Also, the maximum weight limit has been increased from 500g to 750g (including the package weight of 150g).
Thus, some products can be shipped for a lower price.
No insurance is available for these shipping methods, but they're a good option for shipping small amounts of smaller items.
Please consider using these methods!

*News 4  Now presenting a promotional video!

SeeSee-chan, a lovely young lady who is very active on YouTube, has created a promotional video for our shop!
It's being displayed now on our home page.

She has produced and published numerous video tutorials for Japanese gyaru style makeup and Harajuku style fashion on YouTube.
Please give her your support by subscribing to her videos!

We will continue our efforts to expand our product selection and improve our services.
Please continue to support Cosmates!