Friday, June 14, 2013

New service started and new products added!

How is everyone doing?
Usually during this season in Japan the days are always rainy, but for some reason this year it has been sunny the whole time and the days have been almost as hot as summer.
As it is, true summer is just arriving so we're worried that it will be a scorching-hot hell!
But that aside, we once again have some good news to announce!

News 1 -- Beginning our new service, the Shipping Correction Ticket!

Our store's shipping prices are calculated based on weight that has been estimated in advance; therefore, if the actual weight is very different from the estimated weight, the price of shipping adds up and often becomes much more expensive.
The larger the amount of items or the heavier the items are, the greater the difference tends to be; we think this is a reason why many customers have been reluctant to order large amounts of items at a time.

However, the use of our newly started service, the Shipping Correction Ticket, should resolve this problem.
If you buy a Shipping Correction Ticket at the same time as the other items in your order, we will weigh the package, recalculate the shipping price using the actual weight, and refund the cost of the difference.

Thanks to this, it is possible to order as many items as you like without having to be so concerned about the price of shipping.
Please see the following page for more information.

News 2 -- Over 400 new products added!

More than 400 products have been added from two major brands, BodyLine and JOYBANK!

In the summer these brands tend to increase their ratio of casualwear and accessories instead of gothloli items, so regrettably there aren't many new items with very much impact, although a few new gothloli and seifuku products may be coming out.
But since there may be some older items that you have previously overlooked, you should check through them once more.

News 3 -- Our prices are cheaper than the manufacturer prices!?

This may be the best news this time.
You may already know that the products of a certain brand in our store can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer's store.
Because the manufacturer prices are usually cheaper than the retail prices, so it may be that you might have bought  the products exclusively from the direct sale site; but now the prices of many products are cheaper in our store!
Depending on the case, not only prices but the shipping cost is cheaper than the ones in the manufacturer's store.
This is partly because the setting of exchange rate used by our store is different.
That is not to say that this applies to every manufacturer, but if you usually tend to buy from direct sale site, you should definitely check the prices at our store first.
Not only now, but depending on the timing, our site may continue to have cheaper prices at some points in the future, too.

News 4 -- Regarding maintenance

In relation to the Paypal system being modified at the end of June, we have plans to go into maintenance at the end of June, too.
The maintenance work may likely take 2 or 3 days, so if you are planning on placing an order this month we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

We are continuously working hard to expand and improve our services and products.
Please continue to give Cosmates your support!