Friday, July 05, 2013

Our prices are cheaper than the maker's prices now!

You may already know that the products of a certain brand in our store can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer's store.

Because the manufacturer prices are usually cheaper than the retail prices, so it may be that you might have bought the products exclusively from the that site.

But now, the prices of many products are cheaper in our store! (July 5th, 2013)
Depending on the case, not only prices but the shipping cost of EMS is cheaper than the ones in the manufacturer's store.
This is partly because the setting of exchange rate of currency is different.
They have to raise the rate and prices in US dollar etc. to keep the fixed shipping cost of normal airmail.

Not only now, but depending on the timing, our site may continue to have cheaper prices at some points in the future, too.

If you post this news with the comparison of concrete price and shipping cost to a open community site*, we will pay $20 by paypal to the first 3 arrivals.
If you have posted, please email us with the URL of the page you posted and your paypal account.
(* The community site should have relation to the products you posted.)