Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Video Review Function & Maintenance

How is everyone doing?
We have some good news to announce this time again!

News 1 -- Video Review Function Added!

Our review function has been improved.
If you have uploaded the video related to our products to YouTube, you can set your video easily only by entry of the URL.
You can advertize your channel using this advanced function efficiently.
Since video reviews are preferentially displayed at the shopping page, your video will be displayed remarkably on our site.
Since page view per day on our site is about 30,000 - 40,000 pages, even if ten videos are posted,
a video will be displayed about 4,000 times per day.
The sample of video review is here.
Please look at it and try to use this advanced function.

News 2 -- Promotional Video Has Changed!

Although we think that many of you know, the promotional video on the top page has changed.
This time, a British girl Fifi who is good at dance created.
She who wears the school girl costume of our site is dancing lovelily with the famous music of vocaloid "Love will Surely Soar".

It is because our offer of costume has been overdue that costume are the one for spring.
She has posted many videos elsewhere, so please visit her channel.

News 3 -- Server Move and Maintenance

We are planning to move the server of our site and the maintenance from 1:00 p.m. on Friday (July 19th, 2013 Japanese time) of this weekend.
It will take about 3 days to complete the work, and you can't access our site during the maintenance.
Since the maintenance may be overdue, we recommend those who are purchase in a few days to purchase before the maintenance.

News 4 -- Expansion of Stocked Products

Now, we are putting effort into expansion of the stocked products.
Especially arrival of F+F products takes long time, but it is possible to ship the stocked products on the day you bought.
Even if you bought a dress for summer, if summer had finished when you receive it, you may not be unable to wear.
Please examine an order of stocked products so that there is no such mistake.*in stock* or *bargain* 

We are continuously working hard to expand and improve our services and products.
Please continue to give Cosmates your support!