Sunday, October 06, 2013

10% OFF Halloween SALE started!

Here are the latest news of our store. 

--- 10% OFF Halloween SALE started! ---
We have started Halloween sale!
The prices of all the products have been discounted more than 10%!!
This sale will end Oct 7th at 06:00 AM (Japanese time).

--- More Than 500 New Products Added! ---
We have added the new product exceeding 500.

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cs0012695 cs0012943 cs0012944 cs0012942 cs0012880


It is the feature that this addition has many costumes for Halloween and children.
Although timing was too early, we also expanded the product for Christmas.

Costumes for Halloween

Costumes for Children

Costumes for Christmas

In also the following category, we have a lot of products suitable for Halloween.
Other Costumes

--- Official Twitter Account ---
We have two official twitter accounts. We announce about our news at Twitter earliest, and we are going to perform the follower-limited sales, so please follow our tweets.

In English
In Japanese

--- Promotional Video Has Changed! ---
The announcement was late, but the video on our top page has changed several times from summer.

Her name is Kelsey. She has more than 30000 subscribers on YouTube, and the view count of most watched video exceeds 700000!
She is very popular like a professional entertainer, but thankfully she is a customer of our store, and is wearing our costumes in some of her videos.
Her dance is very fast-moving and rhythmical, and the video editing is elaborate like professional music videos.

Please visit her channel and watch her other videos too.