Sunday, February 16, 2014

Entry -- the 1st Cosmates Video Contest --

Entry Period Extended!!
End of Entry Period is 8th at 11:00PM(JST),
not 6th at 11:00PM(JST)!!
How to Enter

There is the entry form in the semifinal stage.

1.  Go to this page and full the URL of your video on YouTube and your email address and description of your video in the form.

2. Write more details according to the following format and send the email to us.

   Format *We will make the submit form later

   Your Email Address

   Buyer's Email Address on Cosmates
(If the other person bought the products from Cosmates, please write the buyer's email address.)


   Product Code
(All the product codes of which you used in your video)

   Paypal Account
(Paypal account to which you want us to send the prize money)

(URLs of your page of Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.)

(Your profile within 70 characters)

Entry Condition

No Limit

Female (But there is no limit to the staff other than the main performer.)

No Limit

   Video Format
Formats which YouTube accepts

   Recording Time
Within 15 minutes

Anything Else, Such as  Dancing, Singing, Products Review, Short Movie and so on. But the main performer have to be wearing 1 or more clothes which are bought from

The main performer doesn't have to buy clothes by herself, but if the other person  bought, the applicant have to inform us the email address which he/she registered in our website.

   Video Description
Applicant have to set the link to Cosmates ( and the websites of the Makers of the products of which you bought in the description of your video in advance. (If your link setting is not correct, your entry is not recognized.)

   Agreement to Cooperation with Sales Promotion

If the applicant win an award, the applicant(award winner) has to do the following things and cooperate with our sales promotion

1.  Writing of messages about winning of the award on the open webpages such as blog within 3 days after the result announcement.

2. Writing of messages about receiving of the trophy with the picture of the trophy on the open webpages such as blog within 7 days after receiving the prize.

3. Writing of review of the main product which the applicant used in the video with the link to the video within 2 weeks since the result announcement on our shopping site.