Saturday, February 15, 2014

Judgement -- the 1st Cosmates Video Contest --



Judgement is separated to Semifinal Stage and Final Stage. Semifinal stage is the preliminary round.

Further more, the semifinal stage is separated to Japan Stage and Outside of Japan Stage.

If your nationality is not Japan, you can't enter to the contest on Japan stage.

All the audiences and applicants who have twitter account can vote once per 1 stage  during the vote period.

16 videos on Outside of Japan stage and 4 videos on Japan stage will survive and go up to the final stage automatically according to the voting result.

20 videos will go up to the final stage in order of arrival basically.
(If more than 21 videos are entered, 2nd or 3rd video made by the same applicant is replaced to the video made by the new applicant by selecting of the chief judge.) 

Chief judge Cosmates selects 4 losers in total from 2 stages and lets them go up to final stage.

On the final stage, survived 20 videos will be displayed randomly on the final stage during the judgement period.

In the final judgement, the judges grade the videos for each evaluation item.
The points graded by judges are summed, and the final winners will be selected according to the total point.

During the preceding period of the result announcement, any videos are not displayed on the top page of and the final stage.

When the result are announced, the gold winner's video will be displayed on the top page of and the final stage at the same time, and will continue to be displayed for 2 weeks.


We think the overall artistic quality, and the level of matching with our store to be most important.

For example, if the skill of performance, editing, sense of clothes, music, color scheme,setting of background are bad, however cute or beautiful the applicant may be, it is difficult to win a prize.

Character is also important. We expect character which will be loved by many customers as much as possible. Those who can give something such as impression, comfort, laugh etc. are desirable.

   Evaluation Items

The videos will be graded for the following 5 evaluation items.
Each judge gives point within the maximum point for each item. The maximum total is 100 points.

Visual Cuteness or Beauty. This item includes the ones of costumes or accessories or makeup (Max: 20 point)

Beauty or Comfort or Enjoyment as Music. (Singing Ability is included in this  item. Unless you have the ability like a professional, we don't recommend you singing.) (Max: 20 point)

Performance Ability such as Dancing, Singing(except singing ability), Acting etc. This item includes the charm of facial expression or gesture. (Max: 30 point)

   Filming / Editing
Technical level and sense of camera work and recording and editing. This includes special effect and superimposing. (Max: 15 point)

Strengths which are not included in the 4 items above, such as beauty of Background, Story Characteristic, Drama Characteristics, Humor, Passion, Affinity with Cosmates or costume makers etc. (Max: 15 point)