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Guidance -- the 1st Cosmates Video Contest --

Last Updated: May 5th, 2014 (JST)

The pictures of judges have moved to this page.

We Cosmates greets 10 years in this spring after opening a shopping site of the present style.
We memorialized this and decided to hold a video contest.

Event Name

the 1st Cosmates Video Contest
(The 10th Anniversary Special Event The 1st Cosmates Video Contest)

Main Stage (Final Stage)


Preliminary Stage (Semifinal Stage)

*Please select your stage according to your nationality.

http://www.wishpond.com/twvd/183591?scid=84401  *Outside of Japan Only

http://www.wishpond.com/twvd/183591?scid=85081  *Japan Only

Main Promoter / Chief Judge

Cosmates (Gigantes Limited Partnership)  

Supporting Companies

    JOYBANK    Japanese Costume Maker

    Here are the products made by JOYBANK at Cosmates

   Clearstone Co., Ltd    Japanese Costume Maker

    Here are the products made by Clearstone at Cosmates

   ENTERPRISE Co.,Ltd    Japanese Entertainment & Music Production

   GLMARKET Co.,Ltd    Japanese Traditional Crafts Exporter (zenjapanstyle.com)


   Kelsey Ellison (KimonoTime)    Dancer, Singer, Vlogger, Blogger and Much More

   Clearstone Co., Ltd  


   Akiaajyu    Composer who has many results of offering music to artists

   Abipop    Dancer, Cosplayer, Vlogger, Blogger, Meido and more~♪

   Meg Sawai    Writer of RocketNews24 who loves Sub Culture and Overseas Materials.

Special Judge

   Beckii    Beckii is a performer from the UK who worked in Japan as an idol

   Keeki Hime    Trilingual Actress and Illustrator from Austria, Active in also NND


*** Entry Period Extended!! ***
End of Entry Period is 8th at 11:00 PM (JST), not 6th at 11:00 PM (JST)!
Voting is possible, but all the applicants will go up to the final stage!

Starting Date Starting Time Ending Date Ending Time
Entry Feb 21(Fri) 1:00 Apr 8(Tue) 23:00
Semifinal (Voting) Apr 4(Fri) 17:00 Apr 8(Tue) 23:00
Final (Judgement) Apr 9(Wed) 13:00 Apr 11(Fri) 23:00
Results Announcement Apr 13(Sun) 6:00 (*1) Apr 13(Sun) 10:00
 Note: Every time is in Japanese Standard Time.

*1  In a property of the Internet, the result will be announced simultaneously to the world.

Sydney  13th 9:00Tokyo  13th 6:00 / Beijing  13th 5:00 / Moscow  13th 1:00Frankfurt  12th 23:00 / London  12th 22:00NY 12th  17:00Vancouver  12th 14:00


Award Prize Money Prize Display Time (*3)

Gold Award

100,000 Yen (About US$980)
2 weeks
+ 50% of
2 weeks (*4)

Sylver Award

40,000 Yen (About US$392)
1 week
+ 20% of
2 weeks

Bronze Award

20,000 Yen (About US$196)
1 week
+ 10% of
2 weeks
 Award (

10,000 Yen (About US$98)

+ Products(About US$98)
10% of
2 weeks
 Award (

10,000 Yen (About US$98)

+ Products(About US$98)
10% of
2 weeks

*1 The best applicant who used Clearstone products except the top 3 winners will be given.

*2 The best applicant who used JOYBANK products except the top 3 winners will be given.

*3 Display Time means the time for which the video is playing on the top page of Cosmates.

*4 The percentage means the probability in the random display.

We will send the prize money and trophy after the following period passes since the announcement for avoiding the removing of videos and failures to the agreement.

Gold: 2 weeks / Silver: 3 weeks / Bronze: 4 weeks / Others: 5 weeks

If the videos are removed from YouTube for some reason before the display time  passes, the amount of prize money will be changed to the half amount. 

If there are some failures to the agreement in the entry to this contest, giving of awards will be canceled.


The award name and event name will be engraved on the plates of the trophies.

Mascot Design

   Yukika     A girl who loves drawing, inging, painting, and dreaming

Special Thanks

  Natalia Doan     A travel guide for students and professionals interested in Japan

She presents her book to all the applicants! (Click the picture)



Please read this page.


Please read this page.

Copyrights of Application Videos

Please read this page.

Supporting Individuals

   Himezawa     Cosplayer, Artist, Novelist, Actress, and Performer

   CV01    Human Idol who loves to cosplay, make music videos, and perform in Convention

   Saskia    Kawaii Cosplaying Dancer

   HyperMaidHimeko    J-pop/Anime-song singer and dancer on Youtube

   Ashley Chen     Book, Beauty Blogger, Cosplayer

   Anzujaamu     An apricot who lives in a jar

   Natalie Adalie     Lover of Asian music, Cute fashion and following your dreams

We are looking for the supporters! *ENDED

The supporters' name and website or blog or social network page will be listed on this page.
We don't demand any financial supports. All you have to do is setting of link to   cosmates.jp/video-contest/ with this picture on your website or blog or social network page such as facebook as much as possible.

We have more than 33,000 registered users and more than 18,000 newsletter subscribers. And, the total page requests for 10 years are more than 145 million.

(For the current count, please confirm the pink bar like above on the lower right of this page.)

It is very effective to be linked by big websites in SEO(search engine optimization) .

If you would like to support our event, please write the following information and send us by email.

NOTICE: The information of the supporter who didn't link to our store by a certain time will be deleted from our list. Please be careful!

Name  *In case of individual, handle name is acceptable.
URL  *blog, facebook page etc.
Profile  *Within 70 characters

Let's link each other and become happier together!