Friday, April 11, 2014

Judges -- the 1st Cosmates Video Contest --

Last Updated: May 2nd, 2014 (JST)


Chief Judge

Cosmates (Gigantes Limited Partnership)  


   Kelsey Ellison (KimonoTime)    Dancer, Singer, Vlogger, Blogger and Much More

The sentence of the certificate is as follows:
We praise your works and give you this award as the award of 
the same class as the later gold awards on the strong conviction 
that if the 0th Cosmates Video Contest had been held really, 
you would have won the gold award surely.


   Clearstone Co., Ltd  

   Akiaajyu    Composer who has many results of offering music to artists

   Abipop    Dancer, Cosplayer, Vlogger, Blogger, Meido and more~♪

   Meg Sawai    Writer of RocketNews24 who loves Sub Culture and Overseas Materials.

Special Judge

   Beckii    Beckii is a performer from the UK who worked in Japan as an idol

 Keeki Hime    Trilingual Actress and Illustrator from Austria, Active in also NND