Monday, December 29, 2014

Winners -- the 1st Cosmates Video Contest --


Last Updated: Dec 29th, 2014 (JST)

For the comment about receiving a prize of each winner, please read their blog etc.

 Gold Award Winner (The 1st Place)

 JemmaKuma   Youtube Facebook Tumblr Twitter

I am a girl who loves anime, makeup, fashion, cosplay, hair, Japan, singing, acting, dancing, learning Japanese, and much more~! I'm a unique character, with ever-changing hair colors and bubbly enthusiasm! One day, I hope to be able to perform in Japan!

  Silver Award Winner (The 2nd Place)

 Chii   Youtube Facebook Tumblr Twitter


  Bronze Award Winner (The 3rd Place)

 Ally & Sally   Youtube Website Tumblr Twitter Ameblo Nicovideo

Ally&Sally are Canadian twin sisters born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. With a strong love for anime, idols, eroge, and moe culture, their dream is to become idols and sing in Japan!

 Clearstone Award Winner (The 6th Place)

 Nataile Adalie   Youtube Blogspot Facebook Twitter

Lover of Asian music, Cute fashion and following your dreams!

 JOYBANK Award Winner (The 10th Place)

 Holly Heart   Youtube Youtube(vlog) Facebook Tumblr Twitter

I am really into Japanese culture so tried to base this around a dream reality perception of becoming an idol (more anime based) featuring a sailor fuku as the all important performer costume, where I do a dance performance at the end of all the idol training.

 Cosmates Award Winner (The 4th Place)

 Himezawa    Youtube Facebook Tumblr Twitter Ameblo Nicovideo

ドイツなう。英国なう。「なう!」 歌に命かけてます。 姫沢です。
Hi, Hime / Himezawa / 姫沢 here! I'm a cosplayer / cell phone novelist / model / performer / actress from Germany, but I live in London, UK! I'm completely in love with making dance covers, sewing costumes and japanese fashion!!

 Cosmates Award Winner (The 5th Place)

 YukikaChan   Youtube Facebook Tumblr Twitter Ameblo Nicovideo

"Yukika", a 19 year old artist from the USA, brings you an awkward-cute, allowing you to laugh and feel more comfortably to express yourself. Her goal is to help inspire you to be yourself and love what you do. She'll paint the world and bring everyone their own color! 

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