Thursday, December 04, 2014

Conditions and Explanations on Becoming a Model for Cosmates

We often have received offers about sponsorship from foreign models/aspiring models/bloggers since we opened our website, but recently the frequency is increasing. 

We have replied to them individually, but it's not efficient. Then, we write our standard conditions and explanations on becoming a model(cover girl) for our store here.
(We are not interested in continuous sponsorship on blog etc.) 

We believe this article would be a good reference on realizing (or giving-up) your hope.

1) We are not positively looking for the model now. And we basically don't intend to advise you individually. This article was written for avoiding it. Please don't misunderstand.

2) We will change our conditions according to the situation without notice.  


What is demanded?

1) Good Communication & Personality

Many persons send us an email written almost only the URLs of their social pages and the number of the likes or followers of them.
We finally need such information, but it's almost non sense at the beginning because we can't judge their personalities at all.

If you want to let us know your good personality, you should communicate with us or your friends for a while on the social pages which we are usually watching. (It's twitter only now.)

Good personality is very important. For example, if you always show your broad mind like being pleased with the happiness of the other persons, we can expect to work with you without any big troubles.

2) Strong Interest  

We don't want to work with the person who are not interested so much in our products.
Generally, the purpose of such a person is only money or fame.
It's not a bad thing at all. We also always desire money and fame.
However, if you don't have a strong interest, you probably can't do a good job.

3) Good Appearance

Face, Make-up, Figure, Hairstyle, Expression, and Fashion which our customers will like.
(The 40% of our customers is Japanese.) 

4) Popularity

The reason why we recently collaborate with some models is that we want to become more popular.

Because we are a professional retailer, not an individual who is enjoying a hobby, we have to think the effect of collaboration severely.    

In case of twitter, 5000 followers are required at least for the enough promotion on our store.

Many people overestimated the effect of this number.
In the past, we requested a company which has 500,000 followers to retweet our tweet. But only 50 persons visited to our website through these tweets. The probability was only 0.01%.
That is the worst case, but the standard access provability in internet advertisements is also not so high. It is approximately 0.1%.

Of course, if the content of tweet is attractive, or you have many followers who are interested in our products, the probability will increase. In the best condition, it will increase by 1% or so. 

However, even if some persons visited to our store, they don't necessarily buy our products.
The purchase provability is generally 0.1 - 1.0%. (It's 0.5% in our store.)

Therefore, if you want to bring to a Customer, not a Visitor to our website by only 1 tweet, you need to have 10,000 followers even in the best condition.
This is a very severe reality.

Followers x Tweets x (0.0000001 ~ 0.0001) = Visitors x  (0.001 ~ 0.01) = Customers

This is a basic principle. 
If you want to be successful in the business world, you should not mix up Visitors with Customers.

Our followers are not so many, but more than 1200 persons visit to our website, and view more than 12,000 pages every day. And we have more than 23,000 customers till now.
Please imagine how difficult it is.
Conversely, if we got a customer, it's almost the same as that we tweeted once on a twitter account which has 10,000,000 followers at the maximum.

You may think "Commission fee is paid for the photos, not for the sales promotion, so it's unfair that Cosmates demands the effect of the sales promotion."

However, we always set some links to the model's social pages or official website and bring many people. It has a monetary worth. Therefore, you also have to bring new visitors which have a monetary worth.

It means that if you are not popular at all, we have to charge an advertisement fee to you, but, in other words, if you don't demand a high commission fee, we can loose the condition.

That's business.

5) Cameraman

We can't go to your country and can't take your photographs. In addition, we can't spend much money for photo-shot.
Therefore, we need a professional or semi-professional cameraman who can take photographs at very low charge or for free in your acquaintances. 

6) Ability to Administer Affairs 

Even if you belong a company, we usually negotiate with you directly.
Therefore you have to read the conditions we offered well and you must act according to them precisely. You should think that you are a manger of yourself.

7) Constructive Opinions

If you answer only Yes or No to our questions, we don't feel your motivation at all.
In addition, it's very difficult to create a better work than we thought.
The person who can give us some constructive opinions is desirable..

8) Japanese Conversational Ability

If we didn't write this article in English, did you read this? Or, if we don't write the product data in English, do the foreigners buy our products?
Almost all of you will answer "No". 

Because we can write in English, even if you don't have this ability, you can work with us.
However, this ability is very important to gain the popularity among Japanese (customers).  

9) Patience

We change the picture of the cover by season or new product which we want to promote.
Therefore, even if you are very cute & very popular, if you don't correspond to those conditions, the probability that you are chosen in only one month is very low.
However, the probability increases if you wait for a long term.

Even if we count the girls declaring the intentions by emails, there are 24 girls who want to become the model per a year at least.
Therefore, even if we choose 6 girls per a year, the probability is only 25%. (In actual, it's much lower.)
You should patiently wait for coming the opportunity.

10) Others

If you have some special skills, such as photo-retouching, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, filming, editing, major language other than English, programming, system-engineering, managing, accounting, we will highly appreciate it. 

Even if we don't choose you as a model, if you have these skills, there is a big possibility we work with you in the other opportunity. 


Well, we wrote many conditions, but you don't have to satisfy all the conditions because there is no perfect person. 
The most important is understanding of our thoughts and showing your efforts.

We wish your good luck!