Thursday, April 02, 2015

We became an Official Partner of SpreePicky!

We became an Official Partner of SpreePicky, and began to sell their products!

As many of you know, SpreePicky is a Chinese brand which is very popular among western young girls who love kawaii fashion.
Their store is based on China, but the concept of their design is "Kawaii", and they sell Harajuku-Kei or Akiba-Kei outfits.

We were looking for the makers which can wholesale us the similar kawaii products in Japan, but we could not find out. Then, we contacted them 2 month ago, and we continued to negotiate with them and prepare the sales of their products till now.

We are very glad that we finally made a very good contract and began to sell almost all their products. (^-^)

They sell their products all over the world and offer free shipping service, so basically there is no benefit for westerners in purchase from our store. (^-^;;

But we can sell their products at lower prices during a sale or bargain corner for the canceled products, and you can buy their products with other many brands.

For Japanese, there is a big benefit. Because we have Exclusive Selling Right in Japan, if you live in Japan, you have to buy from our store.

Even if you are a westerner,  if you are a model for SpreePicky, there is a big benefit.
We will wholesale their products to the other Japanese retailers in the largest BtoB market in Japan, so not only our store but also the other Japanese stores will use your pictures in the near future.

For reference, we have sold Fanplusfriend's products to more than 70 retailers in Japan!
If many Japanese stores sell their products, the possibility to work as a model may increase.

We don't basically need models for each product because the makers provide the pictures with models. But makers generally have to use models to take a picture for each product.
SpreePicky is also actively using models, so if you want to become a model, we strongly recommend you to try to become a model for SpreePicky at first.

If you become a model for SpreePicky, you will automatically become a model for many Japanese companies through Cosmates!

As many of you know, we are the 1st company which sold the products of BodyLine overseas and sold the products of Fanplusfriend in Japan.
And then, we became the 1st company which sells the products of SpreePicky!
We believe they also will succeed in Japan!

Some products have been removed for several reasons.

We did not set the links to blogs etc like the original pages. Because it takes labor and it's not necessarily necessary for the explanation about the products.
For some products, we had set the related videos, but those are tests. Please don't misunderstand..

The current picture on the top page (illustration of Sakura & Miku) is very suitable for this season, so we will continue to use it for a while, but we are planning to change it into the pictures of SpreePicky and hold a campaign(sale) later.