Thursday, May 26, 2016

6500 New Products Added!!

*** 6500 New Products Added!! ***

As you know, we restarted Cosmates on April 26th, 2016.
After that, we are working on reform in the various sides such as service, line-ups of the goods.
As a part of that, we decided to use an automatic translation software.
As the result, we could list a great deal of goods by several times of speed by this.

We added more than 6500 products this time, but this is only the first step.
We'll even plan to expand the line-up into at least 50,000 products from now on.

*** Categories for Figures and Anime Goods Added! ***

We are basically sellers of costumes, but we began to sell PVC figures and dolls on our store.

Besides that, we added the category for Anime goods including Manga, Video-Game, Vocaloids, and Idols, etc.

*** EMS shipping will raise soon! ***

Japan Post will raise the fee for EMS next month, so we also have to raise the shipping cost for EMS next month.
If you are going to buy something and select EMS, you should buy it before next month.
(Tips: The costs for the other shipping methods don't change, but the shipping costs often change in the other currency besides Japanese yen because of change of currency rate.)

*** Request from Cosmates ***

Cosmates was emancipated from the restriction which had tied ourselves, And we began to grow again.
But many customers have left after our store closing, and there are only visitors of less than 1/several now.
It seem that a lot of customers still don't know Cosmates has restarted.

If you see a person who thinks Cosmates has ended perfectly, please let him/her know that we are making efforts so that we become a store welcomed for everyone again.

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